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Online Color Picker

Start saving time with Speed, why open Photoshop every time you want to find the specific color you're interested in from a picture? Or a color palette? Welcome to use our online color analyzer

how to use? It's simple, let's explain:

1. Click on the "Choose File" button to select the image from which you want to sample

2. After uploading the image, it will open in the display on the screen

3. If the image does not load, refresh the page and try again

4. Click on the color button that appears under the "Choose File" button in order to open the samples menu

5. Click on the icon of the color sample and select the desired area
(also possible without loading an image on the page colors)

6. Choose the exact location of the color you want to sample

7. After choosing the exact pixel on the screen, you can get back the hex / rgb, etc. of the color

8. If the tool helped you, you are invited to enter our main digital tools page at Speed ​​for more useful things!

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