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Online words counter

Why do you need a words counter?

Don't waste your time while working on the question of how many words you have written while you are trying to meet a short time frame and at the same time with a hard word limit given to you, Word Writer is an excellent solution for you. Also, there are websites that limit the amount of words that must be written in a certain content. For example, in a text box you need to calculate words or know how long the work is for websites that check for the amount of words you have written. Online word writer is an excellent tool for the problem and will help you make sure that you write exactly the amount of words you wanted.

Speed's words counter

Write or paste the text you want to check, get an immediate result of the number of words

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What's going on here?

A word counter is actually a computational algorithm that checks the amount of words in a certain text according to the number of spaces that were pressed when typing it. The most common type of word writer is an online type that is found on a computer and does not require software. We all know the need to open a Word file in order to calculate the number of words in the text we wrote. The advantage of an online word writer is that there is no need to download software, but to write the text online and receive the results accordingly.

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